Sexy Student Secretary Gets Hot Deskwork from Persistent Lover


A sexy student secretary sits behind her desk, pencils sprawled across the table, legs crossed demurely. Her lover, a persistent man, looms behind her, hands roaming under her skirt. He unzips her skirt and slides it down, revealing a matching g-string. With a wicked smile, she leans over the desk, legs spread wide, revealing her hips, thighs, and gentle curves. He tugs off her g-string and carefully unbuttons her blouse, pulling it apart. He nibbles her neck, tracing a line to her nipples and darts his tongue between them. Her hands grip the edge of the desk for support. He reaches around, rubbing her chest and fondling her breasts, then slowly rubbing her clitoris. She sighs deeply. He slides his fingers inside her, before picking her up, bending her over the desk. He positions himself behind her, his their legs spread apart, and enters her. She gasps as he thrusts, causing her breasts to bounce against the desk. They both close their eyes, lost in a haze of lust, oblivious to the gentle murmur of her stapler and the ticking clock.

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Added on: February 17, 2024